Sammy was featured in the Power of Pain Foundation‘s Patient Fundraiser Program for Youth in the month of May.  The 4 Patient’s chosen are featured on the main page for maximum exposure so that these youth may receive acknowledgement of their campaigns, receive help in funding, and receive shares via community assistance.

Shared from Power of Pain Foundation Facebook Page

@powerofpain would like to thank Enterprise Holdings, Inc for the donation of $5,000 to help fund our youth programs. Thanks to Jeff Koehl (Enterprise Holdings Inc rep), his daughter Sammy and Twinkle (POPF Exec Board) & Kurtis VanFleet (POPF Youth Ambassador) for making this happen!

While my son Kurtis, National Youth Ambassador for Power of Pain Foundation and I work the #POPF Patient Fundraising Program together, during the month of May, he was working it without my assistance.  He found Sammy through random reviewing of CRPS/RSD, Nerve related diseases and disorders, Neuropathy searches etc.  For Sammy, I did not have as much to do with her feature as some may think. Kurtis did! As my own son grows and becomes independent in his own life, he also grows more independent from me. He builds his own archives, his own reminders, his own email reviews. Some of which I have nothing to do with.

The above donation from Mr. Jeff Koehl’s work was so heartwarming, I had to go back and review our records. I did review those records and I did find that it was in fact Kurtis that made the initial contact to him to feature his daughter Sammy.

What Kurtis is unable to do, I do.  What I am unable to do, Kurtis does. What we are unable to do, my girl’s do, what they are unable to do, their daddy/my husband does. We are a family unit. And grandson Tai is coming up in it all.  Already striving for it. Apart of it, educating. He’s 8 years old.

Please take the time to see Sammy’s pages..

Please support the Power of Pain Foundation.

Please support Sammy and her parents in their effort to move forward…


Medical bills and travel expenses to doc

Sammy’s Run With RSD


Thank you all!
Together, we can!


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