RSD(S)-CRPS Advisory Info & Support Group

CRPS Advisory LogoSupport Groups are necessary for those who need understanding and comfort when dealing with chronic illnesses other’s don’t understand. We offer one you can feel at home in.

RSD(S)-CRPS Advisory Info & Support Group

Years ago I had an RSD Support Group at MySpace. At the time it was one of the largest support group for RSD/CRPS there. As MySpace went through its changes and removing some features, I went to work as a volunteer Support Leader for MD Junction at the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Support Forum. I’ve been a Leader there since 2009 and second to the top in seniority.

Since I lost my group at MySpace, I waited to create another of my own until I felt confident with the venue I would decide to hold it at. Since millions of people are on Facebook for various reasons I chose to create it there since there are several options available and a very large and spread out community of pain patients.

Less than a year ago I created the RSD(S)-CRPS Advisory Info & Support Group. I was slow on the start up since within a week of creating it, I ended up in a severe and long lasting flare up. The Group is doing well and growing at a steady pace.

This time I am not running solo. In the past I’ve been an advocate and spokesperson for RSD/CRPS, promoting, advertising, endless hours of research, writing essays and articles, sharing accurate information, staying updated, maintaining my website etc the best that I could. All by myself. It’s really hard. At least for me these last couple of years. I’m in my 11th year of CRPS. My energy is minimal.

Now I have someone to work with me. And currently we’re both working on fundraising and awareness projects for the Power of Pain Foundation as a team and in conjunction with our group. My Co Administrator Wanda will be raising awareness via 2 Expo’s and I’ll be doing so by holding a balloon release project.

We’re also supporting the POPF via Causes. Our page is called “Help the Power of Pain Foundation Assist Those with RSD/CRPS & Other Neuropathic Pain Conditions

Our group is devoted to the support and guidance of RSD/CRPS patients, family and friends of.

Our mission is to teach and be taught…

                                                   …It’s our hope to educate and learn.

We’re a family oriented group. Caring and compassionate. Stop by and take a peek. We would love to have you join us and become part of our online family.

We have a Wonderful Co Administrator (Wanda) and Great Group Leader’s. Our discussions include pain management, the pain we endure on a daily basis, medications, alternative methods of pain control, the use of vitamins and supplements, depression, biofeedback, cognitive beliefs, coping strategies, flare up protocols, clinical trials, various therapies and techniques, meditation, yoga, the use of distraction and modalities, physical therapy, each other and so much more.

We also allow you to share other RSD/CRPS related information sites, books, videos, including your own website, blog, foundation, organization, or media pages. This is for the purpose of spreading further awareness and information around the web and hopefully off also.

All we ask is that you don’t spam us.

We would also be thankful if you shared us with others as well.

RSD(S)-CRPS Advisory Banner

Click on our banner above to go to our website

Hope to meet you in our Support Group!

Wishing you pain eased days and nights,


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