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I previously mentioned Cat’s Claw. This is a starting point which may be of interest to you. In regards to my CRPS and other chronic illnesses, I’ve found that Cat’s Claw offers a wide array of benefits.

Some of the information claims cures, I’ll not claim a cure because it’s offensive to some who’ve been deemed and diagnosed incurable by western medicine. To me, incurable implies the medical system either doesn’t know how to cure an illness, or doesn’t have enough information themselves to do so. In some cases, perhaps they just don’t want to. Medicine has become a business more than anything else anymore.

Many of my own conditions are incurable. I’d like to believe the cures are out there and I just haven’t found it yet.

Something I’ve often wondered is that, for example, if my CRPS became curable, I’d still be left with the several secondary illnesses either acquired from it, or those seemingly unrelated, yet affected by it.

Believe me when I say its become my mission to relieve them all.

Uncaria tomentosa is a woody vine found in the tropical jungles of South and Central America. It is known as cat’s claw or uña de gato in Spanish because of its claw-shaped thorns. The plant root bark is used in herbalism for a variety of ailments, and is sold as a dietary supplement. Wikipedia

Some references state it can begin working in as little as a few days, others about a month. Like most herbs, roots, and supplements, a month is reasonable.

I’ve taken it approximately 10 days. Day time burning related to CRPS has lightened. As of yet, night time hasn’t relieved. I was able to get my shoes with orthotics inserted back on yesterday, after swelling had increased again the last couple of weeks. Edema and discoloration has been a major part of CRPS this entire 21 years of having it. It can be random or caused by weight bearing. There are times its much better than other times. My shoes are on and went on with ease. At this point it may be a coincidence.

My take away from all the research and watching videos on Cat’s Claw is that its potential is incredible.

A compilation from my notes include:

Inflammation, Improves RA, Osteoarthritis, dialates blood vessels, repairs cellular damage, repairs dna, repairs chemo therapy induced DNA damage, repairs RNA, protects neurons, tumors, diuretic, intestinal complaints, heals wounds, may fight cancer, immune system support. It may fight and inhibit growth in leukemia, promotes healthy white blood cells, lowers high blood pressure, improves various neurological symptoms, inhibits blood clot formation, increases circulation, calcium channel blocker, relaxes blood vessels, immune modulator, Decreases inflammation in the brain. May assist HIV and AIDS, combats herpes, improves digestive problems such as crohns disease, diverticulitis, gastritis, colitis, hemorrhoids, leaky gut, stomach ulcers, parasites, muscle and joint relief, colds and flu relief, antioxidant, antiviral, anti mutagenic, fights viral infections.

I’m highly interested in its ability to repair cellular, and DNA damage.

Its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effects have proven particularly effective in combating persistent infections such as Lyme disease, Candida, Eppstein-Barr (glandular fever), herpes, bladder infections, hepatitis, prostatitis, gastritis and Crohn’s disease.Apr 23, 2018

Side effects
Generally well tolerated and considered non toxic. Possible dizziness, diarrhea, nausea.

I haven’t experienced any side effects. Please keep in mind that I’m not taking any pharmaceuticals. I have no idea how it would interact with any. Talk with your doctor or pharmacist before using this.

May interact with other medications
and immune modulating drugs.

Do not use if pregnant, or nursing. Do not give to children without doctor supervision. Discontinue 2 weeks prior to surgery.

If you have Lupus, MS, Parkinsons, bleeding disorders, talk to your doctor before using.

The brand that I purchased is by NOW and cost effective at about $15.

YouTube References

Looking forward to sharing more about this in the coming months and any noted relief or benefits with other illnesses including, but not limited to, Diverticulosis/Diverticulitis, Crohn’s, Gastritis, Narcolepsy, and Brain Health.

Kwan Yin Healing with Tim Emerson

Tim Emerson will be Guest Speaker on the Living with Hope Radio Show with Host Trudy Thomas Monday May 21, 7 EST (4 Pacific Time)

Tim is a member of our Group at:

Tim Emerson started working with energy healing in the early 80s and quickly found himself surrounded by spiritual friends and partners.  He met medium June Burke through friends and had a reading with the seraph Julian.  He travelled to meet and work with NYC psychic healer Elizabeth Stratton.  He learned yoga, studied T’ai Chi with master T.T. Liang, taught at the Delphi Healing Arts Center, and studied the power of sound healing.

But it was the work of L.A. chiropractor Eric Pearl that really brought light work home for Tim.   In 1993, Dr. Pearl’s patients started reporting that they had felt his hands, even though he hadn’t touched them, and shared that they saw other people in the room who weren’t physically there.  His patients soon reported receiving miraculous healings from cancers, AIDS-related diseases, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, birth disfigurements, cerebral palsy and other serious afflictions.   And then he realized this could be taught.  His story is told in his book, published in 36 languages, “The Reconnection:  Heal Yourself, Heal Others.”

A spiritual friend’s experience of overwhelming positive good feeling got Tim interested in trying “The Reconnection.”  When he did, he felt intense energy, and then a gentle but firm hand on his stomach, steadying him.  There was a golden cord going through his body to his spine.  A large hand wrapped around the base of his spine, and another grasped the cord, and the hands pulled down on his spine and up on the cord, hard, very hard, while the hand steadying him held him down.  He felt a flood of good feeling, and the pain in his back from degenerative disc disease was gone.  A few months later, at an annual physical, his doctor confirmed by reflex test what had seemed impossible—no signs of degenerative disc disease.

A few months later, Tim went through Level I/II training (Reconnective Healing) and Level III training (The Reconnection), and started doing local sessions.  The results were immediate and surprising.  His clients were relieved of asthma, months long abdominal pain, severe muscle fatigue, migraines, and even recovered from head trauma doctors expected would never heal.   Like Dr. Pearl’s patients, Tim’s clients sometimes shared spiritual experiences from their sessions, from feeling like they had been touched to seeing others who weren’t physically present.  They also shared emotional healings, from feeling inundated with positive thoughts to working their way through painful experiences with divorce and childhood abuse to finding their PTSD had calmed.   Clients also asked for help getting through quitting addictions and in raising the positive vibration in a room or home needing healing.

In The Reconnection, which is more about life path than healing per se, clients found a new confidence, while those in poor situations found those situations abruptly ending and new, better ones emerging.  With these experiences behind him, Tim moved from working informally to starting Kwan Yin Healing — — to bring these services to a wider range of people who otherwise would not be aware solutions exist to their physical, emotional, and even spiritual challenges.

Tim also brings his professional experience in business, writing, teaching and music to this endeavor.

His forthcoming book, “Getting Unstuck,”  discusses how people often feel trapped in their circumstances—and that’s not necessarily true.  Whether at the mercy of the economy, or jobs they feel they can’t leave, or creative pursuits they’re rather follow, practical solutions exist.  Why isn’t the Law of Attraction working?  How can we understand this in practical, not mystical terms?  Trapped in addiction?  Tim shares my own experience and ways out.  Trouble grasping a spiritual path?  Tim shares his journey and offers practical tools.  Why aren’t relationships working?  There are some insights here too.  In short, how do we heal our lives so they are the happy, joyous, and free celebrations they are meant to be?  It’s easier than we think.  In fact, it’s our natural state.  The book will be available probably late this year.

Tim’s first Teleseminar Workshop, “Job Creation,”  starting June 15, is a six-week seminar covering a host of issues, misconceptions, and effective approaches to creating work, whether finding a job, changing jobs, or creating new jobs and income opportunities.   The workshop starts with understanding the business world, resumes and cover letters that get read, interviews that get jobs, and proceeds to finding the work that fits who we really are, work that fills true needs, and that uses the unique skill sets we each have.  The workshop also discuss networking to find the “hidden” opportunities along with low budget ways to promote a new enterprise.   Tim draws on his years as a business manager, consultant, columnist and professor to bring practical solutions to these common but solvable problems.

Tim lives out in the country in central New York State, where his dog and two cats enjoy three and a half acres of forest land he planted himself.  He also planted extensive fruit and nut trees, vineyards, berries, and vegetable gardens.  This summer he’s building a passive solar/partially earth-sheltered home that will have near zero energy costs, as well as taking advantage of the beautiful views and outdoor lighting.  He continues to teach professional writing and music, and he plans more books and workshops in the future.

© 2012 Tim Emerson

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