The Gohl Program -Random Musings Shortly After Leaving the Healing Retreat

Jamie’s story – Gohl Program – MLT

Dragonflyy's Journey

On 23 October 2016, I went to Sacramento, California to attend the Gohl Program’s Healing Retreat. The retreat officially began on Monday (24 October 2016) and ended on Friday (28 October 2016). The majority of this post was writtenduring my trip back home to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on 28 October 2016.

You may feel like you are lost in a deep dark pit that you will never be able to escape from when you have CRPS. However there are lights out there beyond the darkness and peoplewilling to lift you into the light.The Gohl Program provided the light to guide me and I was pulled out of that dark pit by the program’s wonderful and compassionate staff.

I have not attempted traversing a grocery store in at least six months. Why? Because it caused severe pain and exhaustion anytime I would go. My husband can attest to this…

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