My Month in Review- September 2015

It’s been a busy month. High energy, highs and lows, mixed emotions and uncertainty amidst certainty. Our daughter’s care went from zero in 2 years to blast off in a matter of 5 days. We made the drive to the Stanford University Medical Center Transplant Clinic in Palo Alto, California. Our son, Ozra (Kurtis) picked Kharisma and I up at 5:00 a.m Thursday morning, September 24, 2015. We were 10 minutes late for the 9:00 a.m appointment. Map Quest- between 2 hours and 12 minutes and 2 hours and 41 minutes away depending on traffic. Between 122 miles and 125 miles each way. It took us nearly 4 hours due to traffic into the Bay Area. We return in 3 weeks and now we know we have to depart 5 hours in advance to reach our destination on time. We tried to take an alternate route on the way to bypass toll fee’s, but hit them anyway. We knew we would anyway coming home. I’m not certain yet if there is another alternate route to bypass fee’s, if there is and we chose it, we would have more time on the road. I’m thinking fuel would take up the same cost as fee’s if we could find one, though I’m not sure yet. Our 18-year-old son paid fuel and fee’s for his sister.

Brother and sister, Kurtis (Ozra) and Kharisma VanFleet at Stanford. September 24, 2015. Ohana.

Brother and sister, Kurtis (Ozra) and Kharisma VanFleet at Stanford. September 24, 2015

Our van won’t make these trips. Our son took time off work to get his sister there and will be doing the same for the next trip. I’m blessed that my children are right there for each other. We learned that our daughter could end up with anything from a partial liver transplant, to the full transplant which was previously discussed due to the location, number of and sizes of tumors. Ablation could be an option in the meantime to slow down the progression of growth while on wait list. At this time her Hepatologist has put together a team of experts to review findings on previous scans and decide which will be the best MRI to do next for comparison since some of the prior’s were off due to type of contrast used.

I’m finally confident she’s in good hands and that we will have definitive answers and confirmations soon regarding her diagnosis and exactly what the plan will be.

On our way to Stanford (Palo Alto), California Photo taken by Kurtis Ozie (Ozra) VanFleet Sept 24, 2015

On our way to Stanford (Palo Alto), California Photo taken by Kurtis Ozie (Ozra) VanFleet Sept 24, 2015

I’m truly honored to have been chosen this month as a 2015 Bakken Award Honoree. Live on, give on.

More to come.

My largest ovarian cyst ruptured last month. My issues there are still ongoing. I had the Nexplanon removed from my left arm Wednesday afternoon (September 23, 2015). I wasn’t using it for birth control (I don’t have to worry about that) but rather to thin the thickening of my uterus, and attempt to ease the dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia. It actually did well for a bit over a year. It stopped the periods for nearly all that time. Until February when I started and have barely stopped since. In addition, a month before that began as an ongoing issue, the bleeding from my other area worsened which led to the Colonoscopy, a polyp being removed during the procedure, the diagnosis of Diverticulosis(itis) when flaring, and a corrective surgery being set up. I’ve postponed that. Once the girl part started like this the Nexplanon really had to come out as it shouldn’t be in while experiencing such symptoms or side effects. Nexplanon Risks and Side Effects.

I’m hoping that the removal assists now to relieve what’s going on. My legs really can’t take all the back and forth to the bathroom, accidents and the mess that comes from bleeding from both places. It really can cause one to become cranky when trying to take care of so many other things at the same time. It kills my leg time for everything else and is most wearing. Contributing to the sleep disorders I already have. Yep, my energy has a leak in it.

My doctor removed it great. No extra surgery needed. Took maybe 15 minutes or so. A little tugging to get it all out. “Nexplanon® is a small tube 40 mm long and 2 mm wide (about the size of a hair grip).” Last night was the sorest so far. Kind of like someone pinching you really hard in the side of your inner arm. Right now, I’m sure it’s healing since the muscle is aching deep, it stings and itches. About a half an inch incision I think. Still can’t it see fully.

I enjoyed writing about the 7 features for Pain Awareness Month 2015 and am thankful for each of you.

A lot more is happening this month. It’s been coming. Some of you can feel it, some of you have awakened and some of you are awakening. Some of you have no idea what it’s all about. It’s already been taking place. September 27th and 28th brings the shift in awareness.

The Intense Effect of the September Energies – Symptoms we all experience now!!


September Supermoon Eclipse—Redefining Relationships.

Sometimes I talk about various subjects, babble on, use phrases, words, without stating the entire meaning and people are like, huh? That one must be nuts! Nope, I like to see if you might know, too.

Here it is my friends, I hope you understand a little more now.

Have you wondered why the skies have been so beautiful lately? Or…

On our way to Stanford. Bay Area September 24, 2015 Photo taken by Kurtis VanFleet (Ozra)

On our way to Stanford. Bay Area September 24, 2015 Photo taken by Kurtis VanFleet (Ozra)

If you don’t know, you’re own research will bring you to your own enlightenment until you can feel it for yourself.

With love and light..

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