Pain Awareness Month 2015 Featured Sneak Peeks

A little sneak peek into next months efforts to raise continued awareness.  Beginning September 1st a combination of people, groups and organizations will be brought to you for Pain Awareness Month 2015.  There will be additional shares in between. These are the 8 features. The pages may be posted out-of-order of that listed at this time.

Trudy Thomas- Featured Blog Talk Radio Host and Founder of the Living with HOPE Show on The Body, Mind and Spirit Network.

Danielle Cosgrove, Founder of TheProject3x5.

Barby Ingle, President of the Power of Pain Foundation.

Shane Shultz, Founder of Arisen Strength.

Faces of Pain Video 5, RSD/CRPS Limbs Montage, Faces of Pain Video 6 (in English and Spanish).

Sheila Purcell, Founder of the United Kentucky Pain Care Action Network (UKPCAN)

The Power of Pain Foundation

The American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA) and the history of Pain Awareness Month.

A special feature coming from PK Saint-Amour

WeHaveAllBeenUnitedByASingleCommonDenominatorAndThatIs...Pain by TwinkleVanFleet@rsdcrpsfire 2

Thank you for all you do.

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