Love My Crazy

Love My Crazy

By Twinkle VanFleet

Love my crazy
Love my fire
Love my passion
I desire

Love my laughter
Love my pain
Love my compassion
By which I’ve gained

Love my present
Love my past
Love the future
At a glance

Love opening minds
Love removing blinds
Love makin’ points
With aching joints

Love spreading word
While still not cured
Love faking it
Toward making it

Love a little change
To rearrange
Love to share
And make aware

Love my path
And my faith
Love my heart
And his grace

Love my uncertainty
And my place
Love my light
And my space

Love my actions
By which I learn
Love my words
Palms upturned

Love my mind
And my emotion
Love my crazy
And my devotion.

©2015 Twinkle VanFleet  All Rights Reserved.

Copyright Laws and Regulations of the United States


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